Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Diary of My Trip to PNG #4

April 7th (Monday)
Yesterday, we went to church and then spent the rest of the day at home. The people at church were very welcoming and all came and shook my hand. They were like magnets to the boys. Everywhere the boys went people followed them. We walked quite a distance to church, probably 30-40 minutes. People met us along on the road and shook hands and hugged me. We came home and then Knox came to see us. We ate and then Win took me up the mountain. Some children came up the other side and then they took me up two more mountains tops. The view was very beautiful. It was almost cloud level. We could see for miles. Today (Monday) it is raining. Win went to town to meet with some people and get a few groceries. Saturday, Joseph Kera (Charity's dad) took us out for an all-day drive around. We went to town (Mt. Hagen) and went to the market. We got some fresh foods and then went to a lady's restaurant and got some chicken and chips (french fries). Then we went around to see different places. We went all the way to the Southern Highlands Province, then went to Paprabruk where they have the Pacific Bible College.

The boys are getting lots of exercise and having fun playing with the kids. Jordan and Jonah come and stay and play with the boys. Jonah has a bad sore where he hit his foot with an ax, so he has to stay still, but it's raining now, so we are all inside. They like the cars and little musical phone, lizards, bugs, etc. that we brought the for boys to play with. I gave them some Skittles to try. They made a face because at first they are sour, then sweet. They ate more, so they must have liked them. :)

April 9th (Wednesday)
Yesterday I went with Jenny (my sister-in-law) down to the river to wash our laundry. We took 1/2 of a big rain-barrel and some stain remover and washed them. We filled the barrel with water then put the Omo (stain remover) in and rubbed the clothes together to get the dirt out. The boys clothes were REALLY muddy. It was hard work to get them clean. We put them into the stream to rinse them, turning them inside out to get all the soap out. Later, I saw my fingers were rubbed raw. I had to put bandaids on because it was so painful. (The next time we did the laundry, I rubbed them differently and it was better. That time we used a soap bar and rubbed it against the rock, and then rinsed it. For the really dirty clothes, they use a "tangle" of twines and rub the clothes with that. It's not the best on keeping the colors bright with all the rubbing, but they are clean.)


maggie rhea said...

Nichole, I loved your photos/blog so much. Thank you for sharing. What a blessing. Just to let you know. I temporarily deactivated FB account for summer to enjoy more family time/focus more on prayer and drawing closer to God. I have not deleted anyone at all. I will be back soon. Take care. If you want to email me you can at Kids are turning 15 and I want to enjoy every minute. With work I don't have as many free hours in the day and I want to use what I have wisely. Take care. Miss you all. I have your books set aside :)

Nichole Oki said...

Thanks! I understand. I hope you are able to get some good times with your children this summer. I still have your suitcase waiting here, as well. I forgot the last time you were here. We ended up not taking it, so it's just been sitting here. :) Thanks for reading.

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