Sunday, July 3, 2016

Starting To Homeschool

Blogging is definitely not one of my strong points,  but I would like to start up AGAIN. So many different topics and ideas floating through my head these days.  Trying to catch a dream and follow it to success.
Started working with Jabin on homeschooling this past week. We are following the Charlotte Mason education idea,  with seeming success.  He seems to enjoy it so far,  as long as it doesn't take too long with each subject, especially writing/word building. ;) I'll post a schedule in a later post.
The internet is really a very helpful tool.  So many great posts,  videos,  how-to's, etc.  I can look through people's homeschool schedules to get ideas and print my own from others' experience of what has worked for them. I'm hoping to get a few things from Simply Charlotte Mason to use with Jabin this fall.  I've already started using Delightful Reading, so we are using that and a few other resources from here and there.