Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Things in the Okie Household

We had a very nice Christmas, going up to Kokomo, the Friday before, to spend Christmas with my parents. We went to Beech Grove during the weekend of Christmas, then the next Friday we went back to Kokomo to celebrate my Grandma's birthday and Christmas with them and my aunt and uncle. It was nice. Jabin enjoyed trying to eat the paper and his new toys. He's getting into everything he can now. He goes into the bathroom and tries to eat Win's soap. Today, he went in and figured out how to get the diaper pail open and started unloaded the trash :( -not good. Hopefully, he won't remember how to do that. I've started feeding him some table foods. He likes cereal and toast. He hasn't tried a lot of things, but he's interested in them.

We are hoping to find out the details of our next big adventure on Friday. We are planning to move to a new house!!! YAY! It will be much bigger, with a room for Jabin to stay. I'm very excited about it. We only have about 13 days left til the end of the month, when we are hoping to move out. It will be nice to be in a bigger place.

We've been working a lot at the church lately. Monday, a bunch of guys layed down carpet in the sanctuary. It looks really nice. There are lots of improvements going on there. We had a work day this month and will have another one next month. I'm sure we'll be busy working on our new house too, so we're going to have a busy next couple of months. It will be interesting trying to get everything settled before Jabin's birthday. It will be good to have the extra space of the party though. That's enough new stuff for now, I'm so tired. Good night.