Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday, July 20th

Well, I know it's kind of soon for another report, but something unusual has happened to which I think deserves to be recorded. Friday night me and Mom were a home alone, with no car to go anywhere, so we called up my aunt and cousin to see if they wanted to do something. They came over and we went to Petco to get some sand for my hermit crab, because it had microscopic bugs crawling around in it. I don't know where the bugs came from, but one day I spilled water in the sand, and then moldy stuff started growing and then I saw the little bugs. So anyway, we got some bright green sand. We went out to eat and then we went back home, after a series of other events. I cleaned out the crabitat and put the new sand in. It looked really good. Anyways, so we played some games and then went to bed after a really long night. Dad and Nate were gone to canoe and fish with a friend from UBC, Win Okie. They had a good time, but had to take our truck because our van is dying. Anyways, so I went to bed and woke up Saturday morning, thinking that I was going to be helping with the garage sale that we were unsuccessfully trying to have. I looked over at the crab's house and the lid was ajar. Great.... Diggory was not anywhere to be found. I looked all over the place. Under the bed, under the dresser, on the mosquito netting, under the desk, behind the computer, in the closet, etc., etc. By this time, Mom was involved too. We looked all over the house, because my door had been opened all night. We didn't find him anywhere. I was thinking that we probably wouldn't find him until we found him dead or something. Anyways, as I walked through the house, I tried to walk slowly and carefully. Then we went to prayer meeting and at the end, Dad asked everyone to pray that we find Diggory. It seemed kind of funny to do, but I was sure after hearing Jody pray that we were going to find him when we got home. We went to the store, and then we went home. We looked in the rooms and didn't see him. Disappointment... Where was he? We went on about our business, and I finally was about to go to bed. I was on my bed messing around on the computer, and Dad yells that he's found him. He was by his bed near the closet. Praise the Lord for answering prayer! Anyways, so now Diggory is in his crabitat and has some stuff on top of the lid so that he can't escape again. So that's the exciting tale of the weekend.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sun Sensations

Summer is definitely making its presence known this year. Heat, rainstorms, grass, sweat, etc.... everything that reminds you of summer- it's all here. Right now I am sitting at our garage sale, which doesn't have any customers (at the moment), thanks to wireless. Let's see. School got out in May and then in June my parents went on their 25th wedding anniversary and left us at our grandparents, then we went off to Shadrach camp in KY. There I met a couple people from Papua New Guinea. I spent a lot of time with Hannah Auri, who is going to be a sophmore at Kentucky Mountain Bible College. I asked her lots of questions about her country and learned a lot. On Friday when we had the banquet she let me wear a dress/shirt that was from her country. She also gave me a bilum (bag, in pidgin). It's very nice. Over there they wear bags with the handle on their foreheads. It's an interesting thing to do over here, because people wonder what you're doing. Anways, God really helped at the camp, in a different way than in the past years that I have been in it. This year it was more laid back than other years. After camp I got a job working for Elsie Griffey. She is a 95 year-old lady at our church who needs just a little reminder about some things, and company. She likes to tell stories about her family and likes to recite poetry. Every night I go over and stay with her, which is an answer to prayer for me to have a job. During the day I try to find other work. For instance, cleaning, baby-sitting, mowing, and waxing an airplane. We've had a few really bad storms so far. Usually our street gets flooded because the drains get clogged up with leaves and sticks. My Dad and brother went to TN for a little retreat/challenge, and so me and mom had to "save" the neighborhood from flooding. The first time water was really backed up and was above my knees. We took our rakes and tried to clear the drains. Some other people came later to help, and finally we got'er done. We thought about taking our canoe out, but didn't. Anyways, that's about the update for now.