Monday, September 23, 2013

Money Vs. Time

 Lately I've heard several friends talking about wishing that they had a clothesline outside. I have a clothesline in the backyard. I've used it multiple times, but not every time I do laundry. Today was a nice day, so I decided to use it as I won't have many more opportunities this year. As I hung each piece of clothing, I thought about the time and money that I was using and saving. I like to hang my laundry sometimes, just to feel like I can survive without something (the dryer); to try to experience the workload of the women who have gone before me; to prepare for a lifestyle I may soon face by living in another part of the world. I don't come anywhere near the workload of the pioneer women, but I wonder did they have things that they wanted to spend time doing that they couldn't because they were busy doing the everyday chores? ? For those of us living in the Western world, where things are very easy, it really seems to be a matter of priorities in some of these areas. Do you spend extra time hanging each piece of clothing to dry and then take each one down, or throw them in the dryer for a few dollars a month and have time to do other things? I love making things cheaply and think that it is a wiser use of the money that God has given. For instance, sometimes I make my own wipe solution and laundry soap. I feel like I really save a lot of money by doing those things, so I spend the time to do them. However, in one way or another, something is being spent. I know the balance of time and money will be different for each person, but I wonder if anyone else has wondered, is it really worth it to save a few pennies here and there, for the time that I am spending on a job?