Monday, May 19, 2014

Diary of My Trip to PNG #2

March 31st (Monday)
Nature Park 
Saturday, we took a trip around the city and stopped at Port Moresby Nature Park where they have native animals that you can look at. It was like a miniature zoo. Win's friend, Kela, went with us and drove us. We went to Vision City, a mall, to get a few things. The mall was very clean, with white tiles that the ladies were mopping. They had electronic stores, a grocery store, pharmacy, little toy stores, knick knacks/ tourist type shops, and even a movie theatre. One interesting thing from there: It cost 1K (kina) to go to the bathroom. The toilet paper was at the doorway, which I found out after going in, and almost all the toilets were missing the seats...LOL!

We are staying at Rogers and Naomi Kuk's home. We came home and had a wonderful traditional dinner of fish (super good!), several types of bananas, broccoli, coconut-creamed rice, pit-pit (a type of vegetable, not my favorite)... the meal was very nice. We've been eating fresh paw-paw (papaya) everyday. The boys are having some trouble with the foods, but they eat rice and noodles. They like
 the watermelon and grapes from the store, too.
Yummy dinner! (Yes, that's a whole fish.)
Sunday, we went to church. It was "mission Sunday," so there were lots of people there. It was very moving to hear them singing together. There were lots of announcements though so it lasted about 31/2-4 hours, I think. I was sore from sitting on the wooden pew. Men and women sit on separate sides. It was so full though, that I sat with the men. After church we met some people from Win's area that live there in POM. Later that day we went back to the Nature Park, where we met lots of Win's tribesmen. It was very touching to see their reaction to me and the boys. They presented me two bilums. Today we straightened our visas and tomorrow we will fly to Mt Hagen (turned out to be Wednesday) . It is extremely hot and humid here. The city is very dusty. There are lots of people everywhere.

Pictures of church, a beautiful beach, and the welcome party they gave us.
The house we are staying in is built up on stilts. It has large windows on almost every wall, which lets in sunlight and any breezes, but also lots of noises... The city is very busy. You hear horns, vehicles driving, dogs barking (there are dogs everywhere), babies crying, music, yelling, etc. most of the time. It's not really loud, just a low hum of activity. The house is very nice- water, electricity. There isn't any hot water, but it's so hot outside that you don't really notice. Once you get out of the shower you are already sweating again. I've seen a couple of small geckos around. Lots of tropical plants and flowers. They are taking very good care of us. Jabin doesn't want to come inside. He is enjoying playing outside with the kids and dogs. Ian is getting spoiled by everyone.
Ela Beach (that's Kela, not Win)